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My first encounter with a boxer was when I was about 6 years old. I was at my grandparents house during one summer. I remember I was playing outside in their drive way out in the country. I can still see this boxer as he was running down the old dirt road on his way home from who knows where. In typical boxer fashion the second he was running past my grandparents drive, he spotted me standing there. And really can any boxer just pass up a young child? I can still see this dog in my mind to this day. He was a big flashy fawn boy with a terrible crop job. He ran right up to me and stopped, waiting for me to put out my hand for a quick lick and pet. He must have heard his master call because, his head turned back towards the road then back to me, and away he went. As he turned the corner into his driveway he paused a moment to look back at me. Right there and then I was hooked.


I grew up on horse back from the time I was just under 3 years old. I can still remember doing my homework on the back of my palomino Shetland pony “Buttons“. She was my buddy and a gift from my grandfather. As time went on and as I grew I of course went up in size of pony as well as started in 4-H and showing my ponies and eventually horses. I still have horses to this day and will never be without one. They are just a much bigger version of that boxer potato chip, you can never have just one or even think of going without. As I was growing up my mother had bred and showed dogs as a hobby. Her first show dog was a Lhasa Apso. Oh how times have changed and the things you learn along the way. The first show we went to with this Lhasa he won the breed. Happy with our ribbons we left. No one told us that we needed to stay for groups. But we learned and changed breeds to Miniature Poodles. That was when my mother first had me step into the ring with a dog. How strange from showing horses was this? The Miniature Poodle’s name was Am Ch. Kallistis Kruse Kontrol. He was a wonderful example of the breed. She had me special him for her a few times and we made one trip up to a show in Canada where he did receive a number of points but we never did go back to finish him, though I wish we had.


It wasn’t until 1995 when I was able to finally get my first boxer. Her name was Shesworthajillian, Jill for short. Jill was bred by my sister and her husband, and what a true joy she was! Everything that I had gotten from my first experience from a boxer had proven to be a breed trait. I had decided to go into obedience, as I was afraid of all the things I had heard about the boxer conformation ring. But with obedience it was Jill and I against the perfect score, and she was fantastic at it. Then a fellow Lilac City Dog Training Club member, Lee Longoria, suggested I get into doing agility with Jill. In that sport Jill excelled! We obtained our novice and open titles in short order, and even had qualified with a first place for our first leg in Excellent standard. In 2000 I decided to try my hand in the conformation ring anyway, and I found Pirate. Pirate has the heart of gold and what a show spirit she has. But every dog has it’s faults and she didn’t due as well as I had hoped here in the states. But she did easily obtain her IABCA International Championship, which requires 3 judges opinions, needing to rate a V-1 rating on your dog from 2 different countries. It is your dog against the standard not just the dog of the day. Pirate also earned points in Canada at the only show I took her to. After doing a lot of research and health testing I decided to breed my Pirate. And shortly after that first attempt I lost Jill in January 2003, and I think everyone knows how it is to loose a soul mate. But life goes on, all be it slow, and my first attempt at breeding Pirate failed. I later changed Stud dogs, and not only found Great Mentors in the Pinskers but also produced my first litter. From there it has been a whirl wind. Out of my first and only litter to date we have 4 Canadian Champions and 3 that are pointed here in the states out of 5 puppies in the show ring. In turn this one liter of Pirate's made her a Dom Of Merit in Canada.

Then in 2007 I bred my second litter from my home bred girl "Piper", she too, like her mother became a DOMC in her one and only litter. Out of our Piper/Lucas litter, the Bon Jovi Litter we have 4 finished Canadian Champions. All of which are Specialty winners, as well as Austin being a MBIS, MBISS winner, Austin was also my First Homebred American Champion, and he is the First dog in the History of the Breed to become a Dual Grand Champion!!!

 I am glad that back in 2000 I decided to give the conformation ring a try. Though I feel it is very important to tell you that we still do Obedience, agility and now the wonderful newest sport of Rally, which Pirate excels in them all.  In 2007 Pirate earned her RN and in 2008 Pirate earned her AKC, UKC and CKC CD's in 4 times each in the ring. She also earned a Highest Guarden Dog In Trial to finish her UKC title. She also earned two High In Trails in Specialty to finish her CKC CDtitle.  In a new bit of tradition for our Boxers, Austin is now herding and has Excelled in it! So stay tuned for up dates.

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