Remember Me Boxers Proudly Prese


Remember Me Boxers Proudly Presents

MBPISS AM Ch, MBPIG CAN Ch, INT'L Ch. Remember Me League Of His Own CA "Bobbie"

 Sire: AM GCH CAN GREXELLENT CH Remember Me Last Man Standing SOMC HIC TT CGN HTAD1-s HTAD1-d   Dam: Mephisto's A Rose To Remember DOMC

Breeder/Owner: Brenda Jordan

Bobbies Am finish photo

 On May 26, 2014 Bobbie takes WD and BOW for his THIRD major under judge Christine Salyers Anderson handled by Cathy Spears

Thank You Cathy Spears for handle Bobbie to his American Championship there are not enough words  express my sincere gratitude. 

Bellow are photos of Bobbie's progression to his American and Canadian Championships

left: Bobbie earning RWD & Best Puppy In Specialty at age 9 1/2 months under Breeder judge John Connolly, Thank you John!!!

right: Bobbie at 9 1/2 months old being awarded RWD and Best Puppy In Specialty under judge Houston Clark  Thank you Mr Clark!

Below left 8-17-2013 Bobbie's First 3pt Major under Mrs S L Bedford     On the right 10-10-2013 Bobbie's Second Major 4pts under Mrs Jeraldeen Crandall

 first majorsecond major

Bobbie was guided to this wins with his amazing handler Cathy Spears, Thank you so much Cathy!!

Fully Health Tested, Results available upon request.

Bobbie is available for stud to approved health tested Bitches

photos above of  Bobbie at 20 months of age

****Still waiting on  Show photo of Bobbie's First AKC Points, WD BOW at the Moses Lake WA Show Under Judge Mrs Rosemary Leist*****


When I am unable to attend a show Bobbie is perfectly presented by Cathy Spears. He is pictured here with Cathy and Judge Mrs Houston (Toddie) Clark in Yakima June 2, 2013
Thank you to both Mrs. Clark and Cathy Spears!! Point #3

On July 14, 2013 Bobbie takes WD/BOS bobbies 4th point, while sister Ivy earns her second point WB/BW/BOB over her brother

Thank you Kevin Dodge for handling Bobbie for breed for me, just haven't figured out how to handle 2 dogs at the same time and have it not be "brace"  Thank you  judge Mrs. Karen McFarlane!


April 6, 2012 under Judge Mr. B Miller Bobbie goes WD breeder/owner/handled for a 3 pts major

April 9, 2012 under Judge Mr. Chris Neilson Bobbie wins WD handled by Jim McGriskin  for 2 points and on to Best of Winners by myself for a total win of a 5 pts major  From the 6-9 month puppy class at just 7 months old.

During the BCC nationals weekend in Chilliwack BC Canada Bobbie earned a number of RWD wins as well, including at specialties. Thank you to all of the judges for recognizing my young boy's qualities.

Also a special Thank you to Jim McGriskin for taking the lead a few times for me!

Bobbie now has 8 points from his first weekend in Canada April 2012

On July 6, 2012 in Vernon BC under judge Mr. R Fehler Bobbie takes WD for his final 2 points to finish his Canadian Championship

July 7, 2012 under Judge Ms White Bobbie takes BPIB and BPIG as a first time special

July 8, 2012 under Breeder Judge Jack Ireland Bobbie earns his second BPIB and BPIG, Thank you Mr Ireland! "You're going to have a lot of fun with this boy in the near future" -Mr Jack Ireland

above head photo taken May 2014

NO PHOTOS are to be copied, used or stolen from this site without my written consent!


AM & CAN GR CH Remember Me Last Man Standing SOMC HIC TT CGN HTAD1-s HTAD1-d  
 Brindle & White
CAN CH Tzinquaw's Storm Warning 
 Brindle & White

CAN CH Doll Announces Veni Vidi ViciSOM SOMC 
 Brindle & White
CAN NOR CH Mephisto's High NoonSOMC
  Brindle Black Mask White Markings
NOR CH Nit Noi 
  Fawn & White
CAN CH Tzinquaw's Island Girl 
 Brindle & White 
AM CH Mephisto's I Stand Alone   
  Brindle & White
CAN CH Dauntae's Solitaire
 Brindle & White
CAN CH Remember Me Salutes Mephisto DOMC 
 Brindle & White 
CAN CH Mephisto's Caruso SOMC ADC FD CGC 
 Brindle & White
AM JAP CH Caxias Clay Of E.T. Power JP  
 Brindle & White
CAN CH Mephistos Cavalleria Rusticana 
INT CH  TKO Imapiratestreasure DOMC CGC RN  CKC UKC AKC CD 
 Brindle & White 
Vesser's Boxing Buster 
 Brindle & White
Katie's First Copy 
 Brindle Black Mask White Markings
Mephisto's A Rose To Remember DOMC 
AM CH Berena's Tribute To Fa-Fa SOM SOMC LOMC 
 Brindle & White
AM CAN INT CH Wagner Wilverday Famous AmosSOM LOM 
 Brindle & White 
AM CAN CH Marquam Hill's Traper Of TuroSOM SOMC LOM LOMC 
 Brindle & White
AM CH Wagner's Vision Of Wilvirday 
 Brindle & White
Summerbird Leading Lady DOM 
AM CAN CH Arriba's Associate Of KarjeanSOM 
 Brindle & White 
Summerbird Important Date 
 Brindle White Markings
AM CAN CH Donoway Wild Rose Of Mephisto DOMC DOM 
 Brindle & White
AM CAN CH Mephisto's War O' The Roses SOMC LOMC 
 Brindle White
AM CAN JAP GR CH Mephisto's Guns And RosesSOMC
Brindle White Markings 
Dorado's Flamenco Dancer 
CAN CH Von Velohaus Bolero 
 Brindle & White 
MEX CH Dauntae's Tzinquaw Of Velohaus 
Black Moone Maldonado 
 Brindle & White

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