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Puppies are evaluated by 8 weeks old to be determined as either pet or show prospects. Waiting list homes are screened extensively (refer to "What Breeders Expect of Buyers") and if there's a puppy for you, we require a 1/2 the purchase price nonrefundable deposit as a commitment that you're getting the puppy. The deposit insures we don't turn away excellent home after excellent home for a puppy that someone doesn't take. We also reserve the right to return any deposit at any time and not place a puppy if we become uncomfortable with the situation.

All our pet puppies are placed on spay/neuter contracts and with limited AKC registration. We have a fair contract that protects the purchaser, the puppy, and Remember Me Boxers. All contracts are reviewed and signed before a puppy is released to their new home.

Show homes are always needed, so if you may be interested in showing please contact me. You may be able to get a puppy faster if you are willing to fulfill the obligations of owning a show puppy. Preference and priority is given to homes that have shown and/or titled dogs in conformation and/or performance venues before. If you are nearby us at Remember Me Boxers and are interested in getting your first show dog, mentorship arrangements can be made and a show prospect puppy may be an option.


Questionaire, please copy and paste to an email. Thank you

Email:  Phone: (509) 951-6707

(We are located in Spokane Washington).


Some topics to cover:

 * Where are you located?

* What exactly are you looking for (sex, color, age, etc)?

 * Why, out of all the breeds out there, did you decide on a boxer?

 * Do you have any children? How old are they?

 * Do you have any other animals? What? How old?

 * Have you ever surrendered an animal to a pound or Humane Society? Explain.

 * Have you ever had a litter of puppies or kittens?

 * What are your living accommodations?

*Do you have a fenced yard?

 * How many hours a day will your puppy have company?

 * Where will it be kept when you are not home?

 * Is your family financially stable enough to support all the expenses of having a dog for the lifetime of that animal? What do you do for a living?

 * Would you be willing to have a home visit and/or give references?

*Do you have access to a dog training club in your area?